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Nuclear Power Plant Control Cable, Class 1E

Category K3, Low Smoke, Halogen Free, Flame Retardant

It is manufactured according to Q/320411AVX021 (RCC-E, IEEE 323, IEEE 383) standards.

The Class 1E nuclear power plant control cable is designed to link components of the control system network in nuclear power plants. Our high quality control cables have been praised for excellent operational abilities. We have been officially recognized by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

1. Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV.
2. The permitted long-term working temperature: 90℃.
3. The permitted bending radius of the nuclear cable: No less than 8 times of the overall diameter of the cable.
4. The Min. environmental temperature: -15℃
5. Min. laying temperature of the cable is 0℃. The cable should be pre-heated if it is below the Min. laying temperature.
6. Normal service life: at least 40 years.
7. Combustibility:
7.1 The cable can pass combustibility tests according to GB/T 18380.34 (IEC 60332-3).
7.2 For cross-linked polyolefin insulated cable, the insulated core can pass the test according to GB/T 18380.12 (IEC60332-1).
8. The cable can pass GB/T 17651(IEC 61034) tests.
9. The insulation and sheath material of the cable should be tested according to GB/T 17650(IEC 60754-2), with a pH no less than 4.3, and conductivity should be less than 10µs/mm.
10. Electrical properties:
10.1 It can withstand AC 3500V/5min high voltage.
10.2 DC resistance of the conductor at 20℃ is shown in table 3.
10.3 Insulation resistance at 20℃ is shown in table 4.

For detailed parameters, please download the PDF!

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