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DCS System Computer Instrumentation Cable

Our DCS system computer instrumentation cable is manufactured according to Q/320411AVX001 (refer to BS 5308), TICW6 standards.
The flame-retardant cables comply with GB /T 18380 (IEC60332-3) standards.
The low- smoke and halogen-free cables comply with GB/T 176501(IEC61034), GB/T 17650.1 (IEC60754-1) standards.
The low- smoke and halogen-free cables comply with GB/T 17651(IEC61034), GB/T 17650.2 (IEC60754-2) standards.

These instrumentation cables are designed for signal transmission and control for various industrial applications including metallurgy and chemical processing. They are compatible with DCS systems for transmitting analog and digital signals for testing and control during operation.


No. Items Parameter
1. Rated voltage U0/U 300/500V
2. Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature of cable
PE insulated cable 70 ℃
XLPE insulated cable 90 ℃
PVC insulated cable 70 ℃ , 90 ℃
( LSHF PO) insulation cable Fluoroplastic insulation cable 90 ℃ 200 ℃
3. The Min. laying temperature
PE sheathed cable -20 ℃
PVC or LSHF PO sheathed cable Fluoroplastic sheathed cable 0 ℃ -25 ℃
4. Permitted bending radius
Armored or wrapped shield ≥12D*
Other cables ≥6D*
Note: D is diameter of the cable

For more details, please download the PDF!

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