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CNOOC Shell Nanhai Petrification Engineering
CNOOC Shell Nanhai Petrification Engineering is built by CNOOC, Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Guangdong Province with investments totaling 200million. Based in Dayawan in Huizhou, Guangdong, it is a united petrification factory and one of the biggest joint projects in China.

It puts out 800,000t of ethylene per year, 320,000t of ethylene glycol per year, 450,000t of polyethylene per year, 240,000t of polypropylene per year, and 560,000t of styrene and 250,000t of epoxypropare, supporting public engineering projects and facilities.

In May 2006, our company successfully bid the meter and control cable contract and became the main supplier for meter control and compensation cable. We were responsible for cable selection, design and production. The high quality and good service of our products have won great approval.

Cable category: meter control, compensation cable
Supply quantity: 4000KM
Project status: The cables are all put into use with excellent performance.

Dushanzi Petrochemical Company
On the 17th of August, 2006, our company successfully bid the biggest petrol project so far in China--Xinjiang Dushanzi processing Kazakhstan sour crude and ethylene technology required improvements in their meter cable and compensation wire framework contract (MIV protective umbrella protocol).

As it was a long term framework contract, the cables in Dushanzi project were all supplied by Changzhou Bayi Cable Co., Ltd. in three years since the bidding.
The project includes 10million tons oil refining and 1.2million tons ethylene remolding of 27,200 million yuan, including 20 sets oil refining equipment and 12 sets of chemical instrument. As the largest petrification project in China, it was finished in 2008.

For its unique geographical position with long day time and cold winter, the cables should be of high quality. Relying on many years of perfection of our special cable production, the company developed a kind of special cable which can resist UVA and -40℃ low temperatures. It satisfies the customer needs fully and shows the strength of the company. The company was awarded the title of Excellent Service Supplier issued by Dushanzi Petrochemical Company.

Cable category: meter, control, compensation cable
Cooperation mode: frame contract
Project status: ending

Bayer MDI TRAIN project
The 350,000t per year MDI/TDI project built by Bayer (Shanghai) Polyurethane Co., Ltd. is located at Caojing Chemical Industrial Area in Shanghai. With an investment of 290 million RMB, this was a major project.

The whole project was finished at the end of 2008 and put into use in 2009, making it the largest polyurethane raw material production base in the world with advanced technology and high cost benefits.

Relying on good cooperation experiences with international petrification companies and abundant meter control cable production experience, our company bid all the meter cables and control cables of 16 sets in the MDI TRAIN project on 26th December 2006 and signed a framework protocol with Bayer (Shanghai) Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

Cable category: meter cable, control cable, site bus
Qty amount: 750KM
Project status: Finished at the end of 2008

The second session of Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Station
The second session of Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Station is an important cooperation project between China and Pakistan, which was signed on May 4th, 2004. The two sides planned to build one 300,000kw nuclear reactor. China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation, the subsidiary of CNNC, was responsible for the construction as a general contractor.

On 20th June, 2007, the company bid C-2 project safety shell 1E meter cable for China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation.

On 18th January 2008, C2 sponsor added the IE control cable to our project. Then our company was responsible for all the following parts.

Cable category: 1E grade K3 grade meter cable and control cable
Supply quantity: 220KM
Project status: Finished at the end of 2008

Tianwan Nuclear Power Station
Tianwan Nuclear Power Station is the largest cooperation project with Russia so far and was started in October 1999. The first session of the project included two PWR nuclear groups with single machine capacity of 1,060,000kw with a 40 year service time and 14,000,000,000kw/h annual generated energy. On May 17th, 2007, Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Station No.1 Group, the biggest single capacity in China, was put into use. And the No.2 group was put into use in 2008.

In May 2002, our company bid for the supply of K3 meter cable at the Tianwan Nuclear Power Station.

Cable category: 1E grade K3 meter cable
Supply quantity: 1800KM
Project status: all delivered, in good operation

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